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Guidelines for New / Updated Vendor Form Requests

 When the task is to perform an update on Vendor Form or a request for a new Form, please follow 3 steps below as the project guidelines.

Step 1 - Documenting the Request

For any Form changes, Data Dictionary needs to be prepared prior to development/update. Done by the member of the Support team.

Note: Development team should not proceed at customers requests and assign zendesk to Support first to complete this step.

  1. Standard and Mandatory sections depending on integration type
  2. For Regtrackers make sure to exclude the Mandatory fields from Vendor Specific
  3. Set the new fields to green background
  4. Set the updated fields to yellow background
  5. Set fields for removal in red background
  6. Attach screenshots
  7. Provide a vendor portal link, credentials used to log in and the name of the test deal

Step 2 - Development

RM is created based on what is described in DD. Development can be assigned and resources mentioned above used to clarify any questions from the team.

Step 3 - Completion

When the change is merged to production, it is up to the developer team to

  1. Verify the successful update
  2. Update the DD by setting the removed fields to gray and setting all updated fields to white background
  3. Re-assign zendesk to Support Manager - Meredith as 'Pending', logging all of the development time + the time for testing collaboration and completing the documentation.
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