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How to use "My Registrations" Tab and Filters

To view all or some of your registrations, use 'My Registrations' tab. To narrow down the list and effectively navigate in the registration volume, use Vartopia Report Filters.

My Registration Reports Quick Search

In ‘Quick Search,’ user can search for deals by entering a specific Deal ID, Opportunity name, or
Customer name and clicking 'Quick Search'


Advance Filtering and Views

"Advance Filtering" is a powerful tool, which creates filter options based on the registrations and views you have created. It is important to notice that all Filters work in conjunction, so if you are using Advance Filtering, make sure that every filter has correct settings, as all of them are used to create the customized grid view. If no values are selected, everything is included (no filtering).

Select View: When you are using certain filter parameters often, conciser saving your options as a "View". The Views will be available in "Select View" dropdown to view Reports quickly. The saved Views also can be used to generate a report at the end of the time period and email it to specified address.

Creating and Saving ViewTo create a New View, first select "New" in "Select View" dropdown. All filters will be reset (no filters). Carefully select filter values and Fields (more on filters and fields below). Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Fill in date filter if needed. Choose scheduling and Distribution options. At the bottom of the page, give your custom view a name and click "Save". You will be able to quickly pull this view at any time.

 You also may edit and save the view or delete it.


Group List By: after filtering is complete, registrations are presented in a grid, arranged by the value you selected here.


Selecting to Group List by Sales Rep will give you the Grid where the first column is a Sales Rep. Within the Grid view, the top fields are live filtering where you can narrow down your results even more.



Status Filter: choose to view only the ones which status has a check mark in front of.



Program Filter: Use to include or exclude available vendor programs.

Sales Rep Filter: Similarly to examples above you can view all your sales rep's registrations or narrow it down to few or one person.

Selected Fields

You will see selected fields in action on the grid report. Use intuitive blue arrows to add available fields to selected fields, and re-arrange their order to change the appearance of registration grid.

Date Filter

Use Date Filter to take a closer look on the Registrations submitted within the specified period of time.


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