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Creating a Registration

Opportunity is an single registration or a collection of registrations that have the same end customer and customer contact person.

Because individual Registrations are organized by the Opportunity, they are easy to monitor and edit.

Creating an Opportunity

To create a New Opportunity, click '+ Add Registration' Tab on the main menu.

Opportunity Details

A valid opportunity requires a Name, a Registration Method selection and Vendor selection.

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Customer Details

In Customer Details tab select a Sales Rep or Add Sales rep


Customer Company Info

Here you input information about the customer, such as company name, address and contact information. If you previously submitted  opportunity for a particular customer, all that information is already available to you. Just click 'Search' link next to 'Customer Name' field and choose from the pop-up list of customers.


Customer Primary Contact

If you selected an existing Customer from the list, the Contact fields information for previous Contact will be available at one click.

Go to 'Available Contacts' drop down and select a contact. The fields values will be populated. If the contact you are looking for is not available, choose 'New Contact'.


Opportunity name and Customer information needs to be submitted only once for all Registrations under current Opportunity.

Save and Start Registering. Follow through individual Registrations page (See submitting a registration)

Vendor Deal/Registration Details

Every individual Vendor has different registration form. The Vendor Deal Details form in Vartopia has the same set of fields so it can be seamlessly submitted to the Vendor system. Fill the required fields.

Once all information is entered click:

“Submit” if this is the only registration for this opportunity “Submit and Add More” if you have another deal to register associated with the same opportunity “Save as Draft” if you need to gather more information to submit the deal


Opportunity Summary

After previous steps are complete you will be brought to Opportunity Summary, which has submitted Customer Information, Opportunity Information, Vendor Registrations and on the right side an overview of the value and submission Dates.

From here you can edit the individual registrations which have not been submitted and also access the registration Detail page for the registrations that have been submitted.



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